Quality Babbitting Service Inc. (QBS) provides the highest level of Babbitt repair service. We are first and foremost a company that specializes in the repair of all types of babbitt bearings. Our tremendous growth has been accomplished because of our attention to detail and our ability to consistently provide a high quality product at competitive prices with on time delivery.


At Quality Babbitting Service we are aware of the cost of downtime and the importance of on time, quality repair. We can make engineering recommendations on the correct Babbitt, correct clearances and also bore configurations. Our years of experience also give us the capability to reverse engineer many bearings. You can be assured that your bearing is in the hands of a professional service company.

Sample One
WHAT ARE YOUR NEEDS - You are the boss and you call the shots. We will identify your needs before you send in the bearing and coordination repair and delivery to fit those needs. We also stress an open line of communication. You will be aware of where your bearing is in the rebabbitting process at all times. Customer service is #1.
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SERVICE - Utilizing over twenty-five years of Babbitt experience guarantees quality repair. The realization that only by meeting your expectations can we meet our goals drives us to excellence.